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What Is Black Mold?

Black Mold KillerFrankly black mold is a living organism much like you. The difference this is a minute organism that you will not see until it becomes a problem.

In the world of mold and mildew, it is clear that these organisms will need two important factors to continue growing. (Hint: Pay attention, because you take these away and you will get rid of toxic black mold).
  • Food Source - The organisms will grow upon material in which they can eat. Many of these food sources are drywall, wood, and carpeting, etc.

  • Environment For Amplification - Black mold will like locations in which there is moisture and high humidity. While there are different types of molds they all will need a comfortable location to amplify. This does not necessarily mean a warm place. Toxic black mold can grow in cold, dry, and humid location places as well.

What Is Black Mold Made Up Of?

Since black mold is a living organism like you. It has parts that make up the spore as a whole. The mold  is a cellular organism and  what actually spreads toxic mold increasing faster is when the organism dries. Once the organism dries up there are cellular legs of the spore that are similar to a dandelion flower. These sit on the exterior of the organism and are called Hyphae. The Hyphae is like a nest for the mold and mildew and when the spore dries up, these Hyphae little legs begin to dry.

That is how the toxic black mold spreads.
When the black mold spore dries up, this is when the organism begins to spread like a dandelion flower in the wind. The Hyphae legs rip off the delicate spore and then attach somewhere a few centimeters down the way from the original source.

So you see, the mold spore is made up of a cell, but there are Hyphae and this is what causes problem from the black mold. The simple fact that you see spores and these pesky organisms on grow and spread everywhere is because of the two factors above (Food Source & Environment), but the real problem is the Hyphae. When these little items from the toxic mold dries and dies the Hyphae by nature breaks away and spreads to grow somewhere else.

What Makes Black Mold Toxic?

There are dozens of symptoms that are cause from toxic black mold. While you may believe black mold is the culprit, there are tons of different species of toxic black mold. The toxicity comes from the spore itself, if you read above these organisms are alive like you. So like any living organism, once you eat sooner or later you will need to get full and need to relieve your self.

Toxic Mold Does Not Have Any Manners...

You will be polite and of course are more advanced as a living being, but the toxic molds are simple organisms that did not have a mother teaching them how to politely excuse themselves and go to the outhouse to relieve them selves.

You see, these organisms simply relieve themselves and the defecation is the source of your black mold symptoms. When you see tons of the black molds, it can be any one of the many type of black mold species. Which ever it is, it will always defecate and will in fact make you or your loved ones sick. This is the single biggest cause of mold symptoms, when the toxic black mold defecates the organisms feces will actually be liberated into the air.

"While it is not the prettiest fact, it is the truth. These black mold spores really have no potty manners!"

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