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"Did You Ever Wonder Why Black Mold Continues To Keep Growing In Your Shower?"

Shower MoldBlack Mold is a living organism that needs an environment to live. If you have black mold in your shower, then you have a guest that is living rent free. In all seriousness black mold loves moisture and humidity. Of course in a shower it is always wet... So how does one stop black mold and mildew growing continuously. Let me give you a brief explanation...

You need to keep your shower dry or at least prevent the mold from absorbing the moisture. Now how the heck do you that... If you knew it was raining outside, what would you do most likely?

I guarantee you would either wear a rain coat or use an umbrella, well that is the concept with our shower mold cleaner. You see you first would clean the shower mold using the organic Molderizer. This breaks up the mold and destroys the DNA makeup to retard it's growth. After cleaning the mold, you need to place the umbrella on your shower tiles and grout. This is where Safe Shield the mold and mildew blocker comes into play.

"In order to prevent this shower mold from coming back you will need a clear barrier to prevent the spores from growing back."

Step 1: Use A Organic Shower Mold Cleaner To Remove Spores

Shower Mold Cleaning ProductYou must get rid of the shower mold entirely, in order to do this you will need a strong solution that kills the mold and also breaks down the DNA of the mold, retarding it's growth. Molderizer extra strength solution is used widely around the United States by Mold Remediation and Large Cleaning Companies for commercial projects. It has been formulated to be a safe non allergenic cleaner for shower mold and mildew.

Step 2: Create Clear Barrier On Shower Tile And Grout

Shower Mold Prevention ProductAfter removing the mold and mildew remover, you must now create your safety net so you do not have mold and mildew continuously grow back on your tile and grout. By using Safe Shield, which is also an organic black mold cleaner, but more importantly a powerful mold blocker. The formulation will create a barrier that will protect your surfaces in your shower. While allowing the solution to settle on the shower tile and grout you the natural cleaning product will remove any stains and odor the mold may cause. This odorless, non harsh, no harsh chemical solution is a true green mold cleaning kit for your tiles, grout and shower.

"It Is Not About Killing Black Mold ... It Really Is About Preventing Black Mold From Coming Back..."

Shower mold will not only cause a problem to your shower tile and grout it is a living organism that is toxic to suspect individuals, in order to develop a formulation we at Property Perfections a customized a organic cleaning solution safe for indoor use and powerful enough for commercial cleaning. Get started on a 100% guarantee package of our Mold Kit which contains Molderizer and Safe Shield in one package.

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