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How to identify natural cleaning products and what exactly are in them to make them green?

When using natural cleaning products you will need to consider what is in them. Many formulas are secret from the chemistry that they are derived from. In most cases with natural cleaning products you simply will have household components mixed to a certain percentage. The household components are not exactly off the shelf. They are more like pure raw material, no dilution. In other words very strong liquids that are straight from the source.

What Makes Natural Cleaning Products Better Than Your Harsh Chemicals

Considering you have a black mold problem in your home, you will need to think carefully what chemicals you will want to use around the house. It is a fact, bleach is harsher than mold spores. Many people suffer from the chemicals and gasses liberated from bleach, if you are sensitive then you will need to consider natural cleaning products.

Most cases were found that using harsh chemicals will kill mold, but does not focus on any prevention methods. These prevention methods are what we call "Encapsulation". This basically means when dealing with a mold problem, you do not only focus on cleaning the mold problem. You consider future prevention.

Natural Cleaning Solutions should use safe ingredients and contain no harsh smell, chemicals, or acids. There is some challenges when selecting natural cleaning products. That is the product not being strong enough. It is a common questions, will my natural cleaning product be strong enough? The answer is simple...

Will Natural Cleaning Products Be Strong Enough To Battle Mold and Mildew?

Depending on the mold situation, natural cleaning products are quite responsive to cleaning up the area full of mildew and mold. They also destroy and remove odors if you have the correct formula. You see if you have a moldy piece of wood that has been sitting for years and try to use a natural cleaning product, then you may have a hard time. It is always recommend to use Safe Shield or Molderizer, but keep in mind if you have a serious mold problem where the black mold is growing in the wall panels then you will need to either attack the source of the problem and use the mold spray in the wall cavities.

What chemicals to stay away from when cleaning toxic mold

While everyone loves bleach, I find more and more people are allergic to the chemical and not getting the results they need using it. In many scenarios bleach is used to clean and kill mold. This does do the job, but the chemicals are very harsh and to be honest... bleach does not contain and preventive agents to block mold growth. This is noticed when you clean bathroom mold and are continuously cleaning the black mildew spots on the wall and tub. Many cases the bleach only cleans temporarily and does not prevent any future mold amplification.

For professional cleaning companies, they insist on using natural cleaning products that remove and prevent. This is because they can loose alot of money by coming back to clean the job or even a lawsuit. Many mold remediation companies are planning on green encapsulate formula to protect them from future outbreaks in their customers mold projects.

In most cases stay from bleach and harsh chemical agents. Studies from mold inspection testing shown that bleach will not clean areas as well and from air quality testing the VOC's (Volitaile Organic Chemicals) will still be present.

Bleach has more harmful effects than mold itself and can do a number to the nose and other parts of the body. While it is a powerful cleaning agent use it in moderation. If you plan on using indoors be sure to air the location out. It is always recommended to use powerful natural cleaning products before any chemical, especially being an indoor project.

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