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"Learn How To Kill Mold In Showers..."

In your shower is where you will find the largest mold problem. As you take a shower you inhale the mold spores and this may increase mold symptoms and create problems later on. The problem that most of us have when we kill the mold in shower, we actually will see it come back in a few weeks. This is a large factor of why we start feeling symptoms of black mold and mildew. Let me explain...

Inhaling Black Mold in Showers

Most people will take showers on a daily basis, the problem is if you have black mold and other mold spores growing on the tile and grout not only will your shower look horrible, you are actually entering into a infected area that is similar to a petri dish in a science lab. You see when inhaling and breathing in black mold over long periods of time you actually, if susceptible to mold and mildew will become sick and start feeling symptoms. What you need to know is one thing...

Do not allow you and your family to live around mold if anyone is allergenic, asthmatic, an infant, or elderly. These are prime candidates for mold sickness and symptoms. This is a story which should put it into perspective for you. It is actually about a mold inspector. What you might read may surprise you.

The True Story Of The Mold Inspector And An Almost Fatal Mistake

In Florida, there was a mold inspector who which would inspect homes and some of the worst scenarios of mold you could imagine. He was great at his job, but sometimes to great where he would love to get in and get dirty and not use proper equipment. Keep in mind a mold inspector has more exposure to mold than you and I, but over time it adds up. Well, this mold inspector was starting to have some issues with his health. But since he loved his job and what he did, nothing would of kept him out of the field. This ignorance actually hurt him.

"To make a long story short, and this is true this mold inspector had a severe stroke..."

No one knew from what, but what the doctors did find out was there were spores of mold in his blood stream. He is okay now, but the purpose of the story is mold adds up and when he had this stroke he was in his bathroom. This may be just a freak accident, but there was mold and mildew in his shower and why he was to busy cleaning mold problems from his customers homes, he forgot to check his own.

The Only Solution Is Organic And Prevention

In most cases, black mold problems are dealt with harsh chemicals and acids, this could be the worst thing you could do to yourself. Black mold needs to properly removed by finding the source of the problem, cleaning it correctly, then preventing it from coming back. So to understand how to kill mold in showers you need the following.

  • Find the source of the problem - Most likely the humidity is high in the shower as most are and be sure to have a fan. This will decrease moisture and lower humidity. Also, you surfaces are the problem, such as tile, grout, and other porcelain. These usually have the mold grow on the surface. This is where you will need to use an encapsulate to clean and protect the mold and mildew.
  • Clean the Areas - To clean the mold you need to use a natural cleaning product for black mold and mildew, but also you will need to break apart the surface area, if on wood or grout, you need to scrub or wire brush the area after using a natural mold cleaning product spray.
  • Prevent the Mold From Coming Back - The main problem with shower mold is that is continues to come back. This is because you are not encapsulating the surface. By placing the mold and mildew in somewhat of a bubble or "Encapsulating" it, you are protecting your surfaces in the shower. This is what Molderizer and Safe Shield do and are specifically designed to clean and prevent shower mold.
Do not allow mold and mildew to grow in your shower. Shower mold and mildew can amplify quite quickly and the longer you allow it to settle the more it grows. Try your hand at natural cleaning products developed specifically for shower mold and preventing shower mold from coming back.
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