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Black MoldIn order to kill mold, you simply will need to prevent it from coming back. But let's take a step back, do you know where this mold problem started from? Mildew can be a large problem is you do not find the source of the problem. In many cases, most will go straight to kill mold and mildew, but what they forget is where is this mold coming from?

Effective Mold Inspection Tips To Find Mildew Problems

So you admit you need to find the source of the problem, well hopefully these tips will most certainly point you in the right direction. There are many locations black mold and mildew can grow, below are common issues from most mold inspection companies and experience in the field.

Below are common areas to help you find mold and mildew:
  • Pick Up Carpeting Along Perimeter Walls - Look through carpeting for black mold by picking up the carpeting along perimeter walls, preferably by window sills and perimeter walls. If there is moisture stains on the wood tack strips there may be a problem with carpet mold.

  • Look At Window Sills - The windows are prime sources for moisture intrusion, what happens is windows will often have leaks. These leaks will show up under the sills or in the corner of the sills. You will notice them by having moisture stains. If you see this the window area may be the source of moisture intrusion.

  • Look Under Your Sinks - Most common mold problems happen directly under the sink. The leaky pipe in the bathroom or kitchens can cause a lot of mold and mildew. Sometimes, you may even need to look behind the boarding underneath sinks. A good rule of thumb is to sniff out the area. If there is a musty odor, then you may have a mildew problem.

  • Check Ceilings For Moisture Stains - Have a look up and see if your ceiling has moisture stains, if it does you may need to go a bit further and look in the attic area.

  • Basements Are Breeding Grounds - The most popular place for black mold amplification is in basements. Basement mold can be found by looking at carpeting on the floor, if any. If there is moisture stains, then it may be possible the carpeting is causing the problem. Also, any leaks above always fall down, so take a look above and find those moisture stains.
These are effective ways to look for mold. Now to kill mold, this is really made easy because of specific formulations of natural mold cleaning products available.

When using Safe Shield, the natural mold cleaning product and protectant, you are assured that odors are completely gone. After the first application of this organic mold treatment product, you will notice the fast acting solution lighten the area. What happens during this process is that you notice a fresh fragrance, clean fragrance that will deodorize the room. Also this assures you that the product is working. The enzymes in the product are evaporating and creating a fresh environment for you and your family.

Fresh Air Mold Cleaning Product

So when you begin to use Safe Shield, the natural mold cleaning product will be used primarily to break down the mold spores, now if you need extra strength... then Molderizer is the best mold killer.

Molderizer is specially formulated to pre treat the location that there is mold. This natural organic mold killer is a very powerful product to specifically kill mold. The Molderizer solution will disinfect any location and use an odorless solution to clean and remove stains.

Mold Kits To Kill Mold And Prevent It From Coming Back
If you have mold stains that have been around for some time, it is recommended to clean the location with Molderizer. The best package one can use is the mold kit, this organic mold kit combines the Molderizer formulation to kill mold and then Safe Shield to completely prevent any future mold.

Mold Kit
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