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How To Kill Carpet Mold

In any mold situation especially carpeting, it is important to investigate the area before trying to kill the carpeting mold. In most situations, you may kill carpet mold but not the source of the problem..."

Free Ebook and PodcastTo kill carpet mold you will need to investigate the area first
. Identify if there are moisture stains and if you will need to remove the entire carpeting our use a natural cleaning solution to kill black mold and mildew stains.

To kill carpet mold you will need to remove the source of the food for the mold, which is the fibers in the carpeting. The carpeting fibers can carry dirt and will be a prime source of food for the black mold spores. To remove these stains and prevent the mold from coming back you need to attack the source of the problem or any prior leaks that has caused the moisture staining on the carpet.

After Finding The Source Now To Get Started Removing Carpet Mold

After you have completed finding and attacking the source, you will need to remove the stains and spores in the carpeting. To do this you will need a natural cleaning product that can remove and change the DNA makeup of the mold and mildew on the carpeting without staining your entire carpeting. Also, it will need to be a cleaning solution that can prevent mold from coming back. This perfect solution to remove mold and then prevent it from coming back is called Safe Shield™.

The solution can prevent mold from growing back due to the clear barrier which is also refereed to as encapsulation.  Since most encapsulates are paint, this liquid solution is perfect for cleaning carpeting and killing mold on carpets.

If there is a large amount of moisture and the carpet has a heavy musty odor, it is usually due to the entire carpeting being covered with mold. In this case you will need to do a complete mold remediation of the carpet area. Also removing and remembering to remove the tack strips below the carpeting as they would be stained with moisture and mold as well.

Be sure to bag up and seal any contents that may have mold. Then dispose them correctly, by taping the bag you will not liberate any free flying spores.

In any case you will either need a natural cleaning product that is safe to use indoors or follow correct mold remediation guidelines.

In Summary On How To Kill Carpet Mold

  • Inspect the carpeting to see the damage
  • Find the source of the problem and correct it first
  • Locate the mold in the carpeting and either remove or use natural cleaning product.
  • Seal up the area and A/C vents to not liberate any spores. Use vis queen to prevent mold spores to travel into other area of the house.
  • If removing carpeting then remove carpet 5 feet last visible trace of moisture of mold, also remove tack strips below the carpeting as they will have mold and mildew as well.
  • If not removing carpeting, then use natural cleaning product that will remove mold spores but will also prevent the mold from ever coming back by creating a clear barrier. This barrier is known as a encapsulate. Since you are not encapsulating a wall, paint will not do the trick so a liquid solution like Safe Shield™ is recommend or some other natural cleaning product that can remove and block future mold growth.
  • Spray down area of mold stains and absorb/wipe down problematic areas, repeat to create a clear barrier on the carpeting
  • After spraying down or removing the carpeting, use a air heppa filter to catch all the liberated spores in the room.
  • Repeat using natural cleaning product for mold and mildew if needed, but be sure to use mold cleaning product that will clean and protect future growth.

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