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Household Cleaning Products and Safe Cleaning Products

Some household cleaning products can be harsh and full of fumes.

Some household cleaning products are very toxic while other natural cleaning products cannot effectively clean and remove. From mold cleaners to stain removers which are all entirely safe and organic. Depending on the cleaning product the formulations may be stronger than others, but no worries as all of our household cleaning products are safe for indoors around children, pets, and loved ones.

Our household cleaning products are certified and patent pending with EPA registration. The formulations are signed off by our chemist and have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) showing authenticity.

Household CleanerExtra Strength Household Cleaner For Mold and Mildew

Molderizer™ is an extra strength multi-purpose household cleaning product that is famously used for mold and mildew. While most mildew and black mold is found in showers, tubs, under sinks, and in basements. This household cleaner is perfect and safe for use as your commercial strength all natural household cleaning product.

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Household Cleaning ProductHousehold Cleaner That Safely Cleans and Blocks Black Mold and Mildew

Safe Shield™ is an organic household cleaning product that is a 2 in 1 solution for tiles, showers, basements, under sinks, carpets, and other places where dirt, grime, black mold, and mildew grow. This natural cleaning product actually removes and prevents mold and mildew. Safe Shield is an mold encapsulate that should be used in any cleaning situation in your home or office.

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Pet Carpet CleanerHousehold Pet Carpet Cleaner

Organic and powerful household cleaning product that is specifically formulated for pets. Stainerizer™ is an natural pet carpet cleaner. Stainerizer™ is used for cleaning pet stains from carpeting. Such stains as urine, blood, vomit and others. Not only does it remove pet stains it deodorizes the soiled carpet area and removes particles.

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