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Home Air Purifiers with EMF Technology

The Latest Technology in Air Purification that is used for medical facilities is now available for the consumer.

Patented EMF Technology

The same technology was developed for GERM WAREFARE.  Then designed for Medical Facilities across the United Stated and now brought to the consumer. 

As for the Stats of the Amazing Air Purifier - FDA LISTED and CERTIFIED TESTS show

  • 98-100% Bacteria Kill
  • 94-100% Mold and Fungi Kill
  • 99-100% Virus Kill (No other Filter can destroy viruses - Patented Technology)
This Means you are guaranteed immediate results.  By turning on and placing one of these Personal Air Purifiers in your Home or Office.  Air Quality and Smooth Breathing will become very noticeable.  Allergenic Individuals will breath easy and air will continuously flow.  Avoiding Stale Air and Bacteria to Amplify in you home or office.

High Energy Field Filtration

One of the only Certified Air Filtration System that creates a High Energy Field that raised the Bar over all other Filters....

The Revolutionary Personal Air Purifier Filtration System actually DESTROYS THE DNA MAKEUP of Black Mold, Mildew, Bacteria, and Viruses.  By Far... the most Revolutionary Advancement for immediate clean indoor air quality for indoor environments.

HealthWay Air Purifier used for the following:

  • Living Room - (Tobacco Smoke, Pet Dander & Pet Odors, Carpet Cleaning and more)
  • Kitchen Area - (Cooking Odors, Appliances, Cleaning Agents, Garbage, and Plubming Leaks and Odors)
  • Bedrooms - (Poor Ventilization, Dust, Dustmites, Bacteria and Viruses, Pet Dander and Drycleaning)
  • Offices ( Tobacco Smoke, Pet Dander and Pet Odors, and Clean Air Purification) Great Stress Reliever!
  • Garages - (Paints, Autoexhaust, Herbacides, Gasoline, and Garbage)
  • Bathrooms (Musty Odors Shower Smells, Trash, Mold and Mildew, and Kills Bacteria and Virusses)


The most effective Patented Air Purifier to clean your indoor air.  Immediately feel difference as as your personal air purifier evaporates mold spores, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.  Not only is the Product Guaranteed it is TAX FREE!!!!!  Order Securely Online or by Phone.


Personal Air Purifier Features

  • Electronic setting for 3 different speeds - The Home Air Purifier Unit is effective on all 3 speeds.
  • New Filter efficiency monitor:
    Offers new EMF technology extra style filter called BOC system. Monitors and manages the actual the effectiveness of your personal air purifier - other personal air purifiers are on a timer. 
  • Bio-monitor indicator:
    Informs you that the high energy field is working at peak efficiency

Quiet HealthWay Air Purifier

Quiet Home Air Purifiers:

The Mid Size Personal Air Purifier allows you to have a quiet and soothing experience as well as a clean living and working environment. One of the Quietest Personal Air Purifiers on the Market and the Only FDA Listed Purifier that Guarantees a 100% Killing Rate.

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