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Could Black Mold Be Causing These Symptoms?

Black mold could be causing a lot of unique symptoms that you never had before. In fact, depending on the individual each symptom may be different.

"Some individuals may feel dizzy and light headed while others will have itchy skin."

Below is some symptoms that are common to people that have black mold problems in the past. In any case we always recommend a doctor whose specialty is in allergies. They would be able to do a blood test to figure out your spore count and how allergic you are to black mold and it’s toxins.

Symptoms Caused By Black Mold:

Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin Caused By Black MoldItchy skin a common symptom. Actually I have had this happen to myself. There was a bad mold problem in a previous office. There was a water leak and the carpeting was soaked as well as the dry wall. After about 24 hours later, I began feeling the itchy on my skin.

Cause For Itchy Skin - The cause is usually associated with inhalation of the toxic spores and this will cause a reaction which can begin to make your skin itch. Also, the spores can attach themselves onto the skin as they are at times airborne and be circulated through the A/C system.

Solution To Itchy Skin Caused By Black Mold - Itchy skin is a common symptom from black mold and mildew and can be alleviated and lessened by simply going outside and getting fresh air. It is always recommended to contact a doctor. They would be able to go over some blood tests and allergy tests to see if your system is being affected by mold and mildew.

Headaches and Migraines

Women sufferring from headacheThis is another very common symptom of black mold. This happens again because of the allergic reaction to mold and mildew. Immediately upon inhaling the black mold and mildew a susceptible individual will feel the effects of a headache and minor migraine.

Solution For Headache Caused By Black Mold - The best solution for headaches caused by black mold and mildew is to get fresh air and alleviate the problem. Do not stay within the location that you think has black mold and mildew.

Sinus Infections

Sinus Irritation In WomenThe sinuses are very sensitive to mold and mildew. In fact sinusitis may be caused from black mold exposure. Sinus infections are difficult to deal with and continually inhaling the spores will gradually decrease your health.

Solutions For Sinus Problems Caused By Black Mold - When it comes to your health a doctor would be the best to advise you. You may also want to find the source of the problem and get rid any black mold. Of course you will need to use the proper procedures. If you need remediation advice you can always ask our mold expert for some free mold advice.

Watery Eyes

watery eyesWatery eyes is another common black mold symptom that occurs from exposure to mold and mildew. The spores which are liberated into into the air will cause an allergic reaction to susceptible individuals.

Solution For Watery Eyes Caused By Black Mold - The best solution to help you when you have watery eyes from black mold exposure is to get some good old fashion fresh air. The inhalation of the new oxygen will lessen the symptoms.

More Severe Black Mold Symptoms

The black mold symptoms below are more severe and for any reason you may think you have these symptoms it is highly recommended to go to a doctor.

Short Term Memory Loss

Memory LossThis is caused from long term exposure to black mold and mildew. The fact that one has been exposed for a long period time to black mold can cause short term memory loss. Keep in mind this does not mean it is permanent, by going outside and getting fresh air... this will definitely help.

Bleeding In Lungs

The lungs are usually very damaged from black mold when exposed for a long period of time. The spores attached themselves to the lungs and over time will feed and poison your internal lungs. This will cause bleeding and then severe infection. The best advice is to get clear of the mold problem and correct the mold problem by using natural cleaning products, but more importantly be sure to seek professional advice from a doctor about your health.

Mild Strokes

Mild Stroke DiagramA lot of the time elderly have had mild strokes caused from exposure to black mold. In court cases there have been elderly who were living in assisted living homes and were victim to a mild to severe stroke. The cause has good evidence to be black mold due to the reaction caused by the spores and the breakdown of the system which can occur from black mold. If you need professional representation, please seek out a Florida nursing home abuse attorney.

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