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What Does Black Mold Mean to the rest of Us?

black mold cleaning productsDuring the last 10 years Black Mold has become a problem for just about everyone from removing it in the shower to severely health effects from Toxic Mold.  Since black mold is becoming so prominent in our daily lives and causes issues in our indoor air quality there should be a simple answer to what it is.  So many environmental companies are using these big words and phrases that to be honest I am not sure if they are in the dictionary.  Black Mold and Mold Removal is somewhat of a science but explaining what mold is and it's health effects can be summed up in a couple of paragraphs so you understand what you are looking at when some nasty black mold shows up in your shower ceiling or drywall.

"Black Mold", "Toxic Mold", and "Black Toxic Mold" are all phrases created by the media, they literally mean the same thing.  The only thing different in the topic of black mold is what type of species was found in a sample of black mold.  The species give a better idea if the mold is truly toxic and problematic.

How do you know which mold is Toxic?

Most black mold is going to be a bit harful to your health.  Some species of mold you need to be aware of is a nasty type of black mold called Aspergillius, (I hope I spelled it right).  This mold is a mold that grows in moist areas.  So if you have a moist basement or leak in you home and there looks like mold growing on the surface you may have aspergillius.   The area needs to be damp, humid, and there usually a source for the black mold to grow.... your wall!!!  There are many other types of black mold  from chaetomium, dematacious, and few others.  The last black mold you should know about is a species called stachybotrys, this species is simalar and toxic also.  The problem with these molds are you cannot identify them byt eye, color or shape.  There is just to many species and varieties.

What you should be aware of in black mold is the spores. Some individuals may be highly allergenic, even to the point where there system starts to break down and get sick from mold and toxic mold spores. Why Does Black Mold make one sick? What black mold does when growing your home or drywall or any other source of food it can find, it will begin to eat the surface. Slowly and surely the mold will get full and as we all know it will need to release what it has eaten. This we will call black mold excrement. The excrement is what makes people sick. If you left your dog's accidents in your home for quite some time and began breathing in those toxins you will begin to become very sick if you were allergetic or not.  This is the concept of mold laying aroud the house and why it make people sick. It is the excrement that they release which is toxic.  The excrement is also called MycoToxins, and may want to read about that a bit more if you like the science end of things.

In a nut shell Black Mold is what lays on the surface of the walls, shower ceilings, tile grout, and even carpeting.  Just be sure to remove it so you do not smell the odors and prevent a moldy environment.

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Black Mold