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Cleaning Mold in Basement ~ Basement Mold Cleaning

black mold mildew remover

The basements of many homes are perfect areas to have black mold and mildew because of the lack of circulation in the room and the humidity.  At most times it is commonly noticed that the basement has a high amount of moisture and darkness.  Black Mold finds these areas a perfect spot to set up camp and create a family of microbial toxins. But how can you effective handle basement mold cleaning without destroying your basement and a full out mold remediation?

Basement Mold Cleaning

To effectively remove mildew and prevent it from coming in the future is have circulation of oxygen in that room.  Be sure that there is air moving in the room, look at the A/C or fan system installed and make sure it is circulating the air in the room.  Basement mold cleaning and mildew removal will be worthless if the area is not first assessed and set up correctly to prevent black mold growth.  You must create a environment that is difficult for black mold and mildew to grow.  Also important when cleaning mold in a basement is to be sure not to have any water damaged areas such as furniture, drywall, wood, carpeting, or ceilings.  If these are wet it is important to look into correctly remediating the damaged areas. The most important step in basement mold cleaning is to be sure that you find the source of the problem and re mediate it correctly. This is either done following the correct guideline to do a full mold remediation in the basement area or use a commercial mold cleaning product that is organic and effective in removing mold spores and encapsulating them so the do not come back in the future.

Commercial Basement Mold Cleaning

To assist you in cleaning a difficult mold cleaning project would be to use a anti microbial cleaning solution in the areas that have mildew growing on them.  By effectively using the correct mold remover that will kill mildew on contact and prevent it's growth from re-occurring, you are preventing costly remediation bills.  Safe Shield™ with Molderizer™ is being used by remediation companies around the country and now we offer a safe organic mold kit solution for homeowners that are affordable and safe to use indoors.  The mold mildew remover contains no bleach, no harsh fumes, no acids, and no chemicals.  The solution is organic and safe to use.  Every bottle is injected with a mold encapsulate that removes mold staining and prevents mold and mildew growth.

clean rotted woodFor mold information on a Mold Remover - Please read our Product Page of Safe Shield Mold Mildew Remover.

See what Safe Shield Can do for Remediation, the same powerful solution is now available to home owners that is organically safe to use.

Effective Remove Black Mold on any surface except marble, if you are a cleaning contractor, feel free to look at our commercial mold remover Safe Shield that is shipped in a 5 gallon pale.

All Natural Mold and Mildew Remover

100% Mold Removal and Musty Odor will Be Gone

We guarentee our All Natural mold removal solution will destroy black mold on any surface.  Just spray it on and watch it remove mold stains and musty odors.  If you are not satisfied for any reason we will give you a full refund.
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