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Stop Black Mold!

"What Is Black Mold and How Do I
Remove Mold From My Home?"

Dealing with mildew and black mold has been quite a challenge for some time.  The main reason because mold grows so fast and in areas where most do not notice.  Place like black mold in a crawl space, inner wall cavity and many others.  The spores of toxic mold have been around since day one.  The good news is it can be removed and prevented if done correctly and your home, or office is maintained. 

What most home people who suffer black mold allergens should know is that mold becomes a problem when the indoor spore count is higher than the outside spore count. Black Mold Count is usually identified scientifically from a mold test by a professional or a easy way is to understand if there is visible black mold in the room and it appears to be noticeable, you may have a problem.  So when living in a confined space, such as your home or bedroom, the area needs a certain percentage of clean breathing air. 

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When you begin having black mold spores over populate the air that is when the area becomes a problem and most likely you may have a black mold problem.  Removing black mold can become an expensive process if mold has grown and amplified in your house or office over a long period of time. 

What is recommended is to find the source and remove the problem with Molderizer an all natural cleaning product and then protect the area with Safe Shield our black mold cleaner and mildew blocker.

Protect and keep your sources Dry free from water and high humidity:
Mold needs three conditions to grow and become a problem in the home.  The first is Food, Black mold requires a food source to grow and amplify.  The second source black mold will need is the right temperature. 

Black Mold can grow at different temperatures and populate, but having a higher humidity is a big problem and are more likely to have the toxic mold, some of the most toxic molds grow in warm wet locations. 

Such mold as Aspergillis, and Stachybotrys, these molds can have many toxic effects that come from their mycotoxins causing popular mold symptoms.  These mycotoxins are excrement from the mold when it sits and eats off your food source.

Remove the Food Source or Encapsulate It:
If you had an area that was really wet such as drywall, it is recommended to remove that drywall.  This seems to be a common case with homes, the back of the drywall since no one can see it will have tons of mold spores in the cavity.  This wall cavity is dark, warm, and at time is the first to have moisture damage because it will be the closest to the exterior wall. 

You can begin noticing black spots around the plug outlets and other areas as a good indicator.  This toxic black mold growth can become a huge problem as it will eat the drywall and then damage the structure.  The moldy wet drywall becomes soft and easy incubator for more mold to grow.

Black Mold Can Also Grow In Clean Environments

Most people recognize mold as slimy, green discoloration found on carpeting, drywall, baseboards or even wallpaper that gradually increases in size, but found only in dirty, unkempt homes or apartments. But the truth is, mold and spores can flourish in sparkling clean environments as well.

Mold can be present in any room, nook or cranny, and destroys indiscriminately. Any time mold is discovered, it should be treated immediately. Whether toxic or mildly allergenic, whether dead or alive, mold can have harmful effects on people and their property.  Black Mold will grow in area where it can reproduce and this means in your home.  It is important to not overlook black mold and mildew and always have a method of prevention to cause more problems in the future.

Black Mold Removal from Drywall?

There are numerous reasons to remove and prevent mold in your home and on it's surfaces of your furniture and drywall. First of all, it is important to understand mold is everywhere. There is no escaping it, but there is preventing it from being a problem. Though mold is not a problem normally, when indoor mold exceeds levels typically found outdoors, a number of serious problems can occur to one's home and health. 

Mold Symptoms can occur and damage the house. Whether your house has a bit of mold in the normal shower areas or tub, you should have the correct solution to prevent the mold growth from occurring even further.  More importantly if you visible see mold on your walls or other parts of your home, you should definitely look into investing into an all natural mold cleaning solution such as safe shield.

affordable mold cleaning solutionFastest and Most Affordable Solution to removing black mold is our all natural Safe Shield mold cleaning solution and blocker.  If you or someone you know has visible mold inside their home, it is best to use an all natural solution the changes the DNA Make of mold that destroys it and prevents the surface area having any mold amplification in the future.

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Health Issues from Toxic Mold spores:

This should be the number one concern of anyone who has a potential mold problem and the primary reason for having a mold solution to remove and prevent it from occurring again. Every day we seem to learn more about mold and its health ramifications. Some people experience extreme reactions to mold, while others can live in moldy environments for years while others Every individual has a different sensitivity to mold and longer term exposure to mold contamination can lead to permanent chronic health respirator issues.

There are hundreds of thousands of mold types.

Approximately 40 known variations of mold are common to indoor environments, and they cause a myriad of health risks, such as: allergy attacks, arthritic aching, asthma, bloody nose, bronchitis, coughing, chronic head-aches, depression, dizziness, fatigue, hearing, loss of memory, nausea, pneumonia, restlessness, runny nose, sight, sinus congestion, skin itch, skin rashes, sneezing, trouble breathing, watery eyes, stiffness, balance or equilibrium loss.

If you believe you or your loved ones are experiencing these symptoms and you're concerned about mold, you need a mold inspection in addition to our product to assess the Health Problems of Black Mold.  Below you will find some of our trusted Mold Inspectors who we recommend.

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