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How to get rid of mold

Summary:  Tips on how to remove black mold without paying for an inspection, mold removal companies or cleaning business.  Great prevention tips and methods on how you should prevent and get rid of mold.  Related Arrticles:  What is Black Mold? Symptoms of Black Mold

The most annoying part of living in Florida and other humid areas of the country  is dealing with black mold. Cleaning Mold and getting rid of deadly toxic mold has become a whole new science. This is because it is so hard to get rid of and more importantly keep it away forever. Having a humid environment yearly, the state of Florida and other areas like California is a breeding ground for toxic mold.

Here are some things one can do to keep mold from growing in your home or business:

Keep Things Dry
Mold becomes a problem in moist environments.  The most toxic molds are water type molds called Hydrothermic molds.  These grow by having water and a food source.  So the best was you can prevent mold in the shower ceiling or black mold in your basement is decrease humidity.  Make sure to have air flow and always have air circulating.  This can really help in mold growth.

If Drywall get really Wet Remove It Immediately
Depending on the amount of water your drywall or plster board takes, the best method is to just remove it.  By removing it you will save tons of health problems later and expensive mold remediation later down the line.  Look at your wet drywall, if there are water stains you are most likely going to have to remove it.  If it is small then you can get away with spraying a mold removal product.  If it appears to get bad look into hiring a mold consultant.  You may need a professional to look into the problem.

Look under Carpeting Remove Old Tack Strips
Pick up carpeting around exterior walls, windows, and doorways.  If you smell a musty mold odor then look at the carpeting and pull it up.  If your tack strips are wet or stained you most likely had a water problem or even a leak in the house.  Be sure the tack strip is not moldy or black.  If they are remove them, but new ones and when you place down the new one put a good mold blocking solution to repel the mold in the future.  So look under those carpets and look at the tack strips, these are primary sources for black mold.

Change your Air Filters
Always check your air filters.  Also, it is recommeded to use HEPPA Air Filters.  These air filters are better than your traditional filters becasuse of their smaller filtration methods which catches the mold.  Always maintain your filters, by having mold and dust sitting on the air filter will not help bring fresh indoor air.  This is very important in getting fresh oxygen into your indoor air and circulate throughout the home or office.

These are some of the areas to be aware of in looking for mold or whare it may grow inside your house or office. If you need a blocker or remover of black mold look into a natural product we trust and have been using for quite some time.  The Safe Shield Safe Mold Removal Product is good to prevent mold and kill it.  Also, it is a great deodorizer for those musty odors.

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