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Mold and Colds

Summary: Mold and Colds can be related in many ways, discover why these terms are so closely related and possibly some more reasons to kill mold effectively.

Most of the time these terms are put together because of the simalar sysmptoms that arise from them.  It can be said that mold and colds are phrased to together because black mold can create problem in the immune system. The immunity system breakdown will cause a breakdown and system failure.

Mold and colds are caused mostly by having to much toxins in the system. Since mold toxins are know to cause fungisitis, which is referred as black mold in the nose.  Colds become a common symptom. By having a good amount of mucas in the system containing spores, the effects can cause the system to breakdown, especiallywhen being a young child, elderly, or allergenic sufferer. Aspergillus and stachybotrys are very popular and known to cause mold and colds. These black molds are the most recognized in common house holds and basements and can become a problem if not taken care of correctly.

By being proactive to prevent mold, it is important to care for water damage events quickly and effectively. If you have a water damaged drywall that is left to sit and dry on it's own, you will most likely have black mold on your walls with in the near future. After the mildew begins to grow and attach on the surfaces they will soon to liberate toxins into the air which your family can inhale. This is a common occurence that causes problems with people associating mold symptoms and colds. 

With colds, usually it is from immunity problem, stress, or over working and quite a few other things. When you have mildew and mold inside the body it is an extra chalenge for the body to fight. The spores degenerate the bodies immunity and most likely a cold will be coming on. Your nose becomes stuffy and mucas begins to become excessive. The best thing to do is talk to a doctor who understands mold and you may want to look into an alternative solution such as an all natural mold removal productor hiring a certified mold inspector to look at the area, they will then write protocols for a qualified mold remediation and decontamination company.

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