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Mold Health Problems

Does your immunity system have mold?

Mold SpraySo many Mold health problems are common today because of spores that are liberated into the air.  One great way to find out if you have mold in your house is if a musty odor is present.  Do you find it stuffy to breathe in your bedroom when you sleep at night?  Does your home have a high amount of humidity and was there ever a previous leak that occurred inside the house. 

These are important issues, because the more you begin inhaling toxic mold the more the mold spores will amplify in the system.  Now DON'T BE ALARMED, your mold in your system can be lessened by going out to get some fresh air.  This new amount of oxygen in the blood will help the system break down the mold spores.  This is how to stay healthy when one has a mold problem and keep your immunity system clean. If you have mold indoors, definitely try to rid of the problem correctly.

Try a Mold Cleaning Product for your home, which offers a safe way to clean mold as well as block it from growing back!

Below are some areas to watch out for when dealing with mold problems in indoor Environments.

Household mold and health issues are cause by allowing mold to amplify in a particular area or room.  All mold health problems are caused by mold being airborne and being inhaled into the lungs. Once the mold spores are attached onto the lungs surface it can amplify and produce deadly symptoms, even causing bleeding in the lungs.

Health Problems Black Mold Can Cause:

  • Itchy Throat
  • Water Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Memory Loss
  • Irritated skin
  • Excessive Coughing
  • Excess mucus
  • Bleeding in the lungs
  • Mold in the bloodstream
  • Possible mild strokes
  • Fatigue
These mold health symptoms can vary depending on the individual.  When we spoke to mold inspectors when conducting tests thy found that everyone has different reactions to mold.  The black mold health symptoms should be known, but also should be understood that there are very different levels of exposure.  Some mold inspectors had clients that had to remove a lung because of severe mold health problems that were caused.  This individual was also elderly and was on other medication.

Mold Health Problems
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Mold health problems are also more prone to younger children and elderly.  Also, reports found immune compromised individuals were more prone to mold health problems if continuous exposure. Be sure to read Mold Removal to find out the latest mold problems and solutions to mold in homes.

Important Information about Mold:
  • Mold can be more severe for younger children and older adults
  • Immune compromised individuals could have more mold health problems
  • Mold exposure is important
  • The more you inhale the mold the more affect it has long term
  • Mold Symptoms lessen as you receive fresh clean air

Lessen the exposure of mold

Mold CleanersIf you have a mold problem, go outside and get some fresh air.  You will notice the symptoms reduce in 15 to 30 minutes.  The long exposure times to mold are what can cause severe mold health problems.

Another solution is using safe mold cleaners.

Also call a professional to handle your mold problem.

Need a Safe Way to get Rid of Mold?

Have a look at our cleaning products for mold removal. Also, we have home air purifiers that are FDA Listed and patented technology to help clea your indoor air quality.

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