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How To Kill Basement Mold

In many basement mold cleaning projects you have to consider the humidity levels and if there is moisture coming from a certain area. Basement mold is commonly caused because of the location the basement is in. Being a warm or moist dark environment makes basement mold a big problems in homes. To correctly remove your basement problem you need to follow some easy to do mold remediation guidelines.

Basement Cleaning Mold Guidelines

Mold CleaningThe first step is finding the source of the problem. Find the source - Stop all water leaks first. Repair leaking roofs and plumbing fixtures. Move water away from concrete slabs and basement walls and allow then remain dry. Below are common sources of the problem with basement mold.

  • Carpeting (Lift the carpet look at tack strips for moisture stains)
  • Wall Panels and Dry Wall Along Perimeter Walls (Look at walls on your perimeter they could have mold and mildew problems)
  • View Ceiling For Moisture Stains - Ceilings and roofs will have moisture stains. Sometimes you can follow the moisture problem right to the source. Be sure to look for the staining.
  • Heaters and A/C Handlers - Many times the heaters and A/C handlers have condensation creating a mold problem. This happens due to a clash of cold air and hot air, which create condensation.
  • Windows - If you do have windows in the basement be sure to look at the cracks and corners. Any moisture stains?

How To Remove Basement Mold

  • Attack the source and remove all damages non-salvageable building material.
  • Spray the area that has visible mold with a natural cleaning product such as Molderizerâ„¢. This loosens the spores from the surface so you can prepare scrubbing the surface.
  • Wipe or Sand down the area to break apart the mold and mildew with a wire brush or even a sander.
  • Encapsulate and clean again. The product Safe Shield is an all natural cleaning product that cleans but more importantly prevents mold and mildew from coming back. The solutions creates a clear barrier to prevent mold and mildew amplification.
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