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How To Kill Black Mold

Depending on where your problem is located, there are some few moderations in how to remove mold and mildew. The first part of every mold and mildew problem is making sure you find the source of the problem. The problem is usually a leak, high humidity, structural, or some other building issue. These have been the most popular in 2007 for home owners. Be sure to correctly find the source of your problem. You can do a thorough inspection or hire outside advice. Which ever you choose, just do it before starting your mold cleaning project or mold remediation.

Once you have done a full inspection you can start to remove and kill mold by following some simple protocols for different situations. Below are different situations in which you can effectively clean and remove these terrible toxic organisms from your home.

To effectively kill mold in the shower

  • Find the source of the problem as always. Look around the perimeters and around the plumbing. Water flows down from the surface so be sure to look above and around to find the source of your problem.
  • After discovering the location and problem, you need to correctly clean the areas that are giving you problems. If you have problems with the tile and grout then you need to learn to soften the surface of the grout using a natural cleaning product. With grout you cannot sand or wire brush the surface in most cases. You need an organic cleaning solution to work deep down to the root of the problem and then be sure to encapsulate the grout to prevent mold and mildew staining. Which goes to our next step.
  • Prevention after cleaning the tile and grout. To prevent mildew and stains from mold, you really need to consider encapsulation. Since you are in a shower and there is moisture the best solution is a liquid solution to clean and protect your tile. Find the exact protocols on how to kill mold in showers and prevent it from coming back.

Effective Basement Mold Cleaning

Basement mold cleaning is being sure to investigate the area and find out where your problem is coming from.

  • Find the source in your basement. This sounds easier than done, but following some basement mold cleaning guidelines will help get rid of the problems and lead you in the right direction where to look.

  • Locate the problematic area. This could be your carpets, wall panels, plywood, or roofing. In most cases if you have basement mold, then be sure to correct your air flow in the basement. Remove any old materials and use natural cleaning products for mold growth.

  • Encapsulate the problematic areas. Be sure to correctly remove the mold problem and any building materials, then encapsulate. Use liquid cleaning product that will clean and protect the area. Spray down either your carpeting, plywood, wood panels or other building materials with a natural cleaner called Safe Shield. This organic cleaner is powerful and is a standard mold remediation product for the industry and commonly used in many basement mold cleaning projects.

Kill Carpet Mold

"With carpet mold you must have good judgment."
When battling carpet mold you seriously need to consider how bad the problem is. If you start to notice that is to much for a cleaning product, then consider a mold remediation and total removal of the carpeting. If the carpets can be salvages then be sure to go green. Stay away from bleach and chemicals. In this situation you really have no choice, the chemicals will stain the carpeting.

For carpets spray your natural cleaning product on the soiled area. Be sure to allow to break apart the mold stains. These stains can be hard to remove. Apply more cleaning solution or try an extra strength Molderizer which is perfect for mold stains. The product removes mold and mildew from all surfaces, and will not harm the carpeting because of the organic ingredients.

After allowing to settle on the carpet, use a cloth to soak up the mold and mildew. Simply press the cloth into the carpet to absorb the spores out of the carpet fibers. You will notice the staining to go away, after completely gone. Use a natural cleaner to protect and encapsulate the carpeting. Safe Shield is a popular product and can prevent future amplification. Be sure to use natural cleaning products when planning on removing carpet mold. Learn more on how to kill carpet mold.

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