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Symptoms of Black Mold

Summary: There are many symptoms of black mold and knowing the dangerous and obvious ones could be helpful in dealing with black mold or mold removal.  Related Articles: What is Black Mold How to get Rid of Black Mold

Kill Black MoldCommon symptoms of black mold exposure
mold cleaning productsWhile mold removal and black mold is a problem for home owners, a bigger problem appears to be the common symptoms of black mold poisoning.  The symptoms of black mold are hard to tell because they appear to be so similar to flu symptoms and everyday common colds.  The effects of the black mold is more deadly to your system than a common cold. So by understanding different mold symptoms and what exactly is black mold is will be helpful in understanding deadly black mold symptoms. Also, you will want to use natural cleaning products as the ingredients are natural and will not effect people with allergies or reactions.

First symptoms of black mold that are most common are headaches.  Headaches appear to happen quite often when around black mold and inhaling it in the system.  When working or sitting around black mold you will begin to feel your head throb, this is your bodies way of telling you that it is trying to fight off the spores that are entering into your system.

Another type of symptoms of black mold poisoning is  water eyes and itchy throat. There common symptoms of black mold are usually happening in pairs.  When you feel your eyes water you will notice your throat becoming itchy.  A very common symptom for black mold poisoning.

A third common symptoms of black mold exposure is Excessive coughing and Mucas.  When being around black mold for a period of time and if allergenic to the mold spores, your body will begin having excess mucus and coughing occuring.  This coughing is a common mold symptom when the black mold attahes itself to the throat and lungs causing irritation and the body to create more mucus to break it down in the system.

The more severe common symptoms of black mold poisoning is your lungs will begin to bleed.  This will happen after you have been exposed to black mold for quite some time and if your system cannot fight it off anymore.  The black mold will attach itself to your lungs and begin causing them to be inflamed and become irritated.  Over time the mold will cause bleeding and sever damage if not cared for properly by a doctor.

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